24 October, 2009

everyone's sick.

okay well, there are so many kids out of LCHS these past weeks..

i had to miss school yesterday. a fever, coughing nonstop, and my head hurts like anything.
i basically slept all day. and i'm feeling horrible.
so i'm gonna go. write lataa!

18 October, 2009

i'm already sucking.

hahaha i haven't been on in forever. sorry about that. it's the freaking facebook again. anywho,
homecoming wasn't as fun as i thought it would be! man i thought it was gonna be amazingly fun and stuff but it really wasn't. the speakers blew and i couldn't dance to no music. ya dig? but after at quinn's was hysterical. i love love love QUINN forever. she made my night. and bug, mil, emmy, bex, matt, max and austin were pretty great too. but i had to keep pulling up that strapless dress. but.

i'm talking to luke at the moment. and whenever i talk to him i feel depressed. and confused and boring. but he's cool, i guess. so i vow i will go do something spontanious cause i can, and cause i am so tired of sitting around waiting. if you catch my drift?
waiting sucks- i am impatient. verrrry impatient. and waiting around for a guy is just about as stupid as can be. oops, i hope you know i am talking about a guy. wow, i'm such a loser. i'm actually talking about this? okay, i'm gonna go.

catch ya on the flip side.

12 October, 2009

getting started

hey guys.
i have just been inspired to create a blog. i've decided that facebook is like a blackhole, a website that sucks you in and you can almost never get out? yes. that's what facebook.com is. so i'm trying really, extra hard to get out of that popular blackhole. and just to let you guys know, i'm a space nerd. and that means i will often talk about, or brag about how perfect space is. just a heads up- cause my friends think it's annoying that i think it's just the coolest thing eva. so some things about callie you should know:
*i'm a freshman in high school.
*my favorite color is probably white, gray or green.
*i have many nicknames- cal, cookie, cook, indigo, mccallster, callerina, etc.
*i eat kettle corn popcorn almost everyday of my life- but it's getting harder since i'm having more homework.
*as you know, i'm a space nerd. i think outer space is the coolest thing ever.
*this is not my first attempt blogging.
*i listen to country music.
*i want to get the heck outta virginia after college.
*i plan to go to a good college.
*i can watch the movie sweet home alabama everyday, and not get bored, considering it's my favorite movie. along with juno and she's the man.
*i'm picky. with everything from clothes to food to men.
you'll learn more about me as my blog grows. but i think this is enough to get started.